The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players por Idan Ravin

February 22, 2020

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Titulo del libro: The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players
Autor: Idan Ravin

Idan Ravin con The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players

Críticas ""I never imagined that when I first worked with Idan before my rookie year, our relationship would extend more than a decade. He has influenced me tremendously and I am very grateful for his loyalty, friendship, and guidance. He is passionate about everything he does and, while some may consider his methods unorthodox, the end results for me have been remarkable.""--Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks ""Idan inspired me to see my full potential, to become more than others had ever expected of me, and challenge myself to do more than I had even expected of myself. He showed me the importance of resilience and determination; and to capitalize on all my opportunities I had coming out of school and even to this day. His challenge to never become 'regular' stuck with me and kept me fierce in my determination to be committed to who I am, what I stand for, and to leave my lasting fingerprints on the game I so dearly love.""--Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors ""Idan believed in me when others didn't. He challenged me when others couldn't. He cheered for me when others stopped. He praised me when others wouldn't. He stood by me when others ran. He encouraged me to find my greatness, which I did and continue to find."" --JR Smith, New York Knicks ""Idan is the first guy that I've worked with that brought something different to the workouts, who pushed me past my limits, who made me think of the game on a different level. He pushed me with his words, encouraged me and built my confidence as the days went on. Truly one of a kind and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from him."" --Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder ""Idan was the best trainer I've ever worked with. The drills that we did pushed me to and past the limit. Working with Idan allowed me to fall in love with the game of basketball all over again. If you want to be great, go see Idan and it will change your life."" --Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets Reseña del editor Basketball’s most unlikely—and most sought-after—training guru offers an inside look at his career, his methods, and the all-star players whose games he’s helped transform. Where do the best basketball players in the world turn when they want to improve their game? Whom does a future NBA Hall of Famer thank at his press conference when he’s named Rookie of the Year? Who is it that Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, and Men’s Journal all call the ""Hoops Whisperer"" because of his ability to engage, inspire, and challenge the players he trains? The answer to all of these questions is Idan Ravin.Ravin never played or coached in college or the pros, yet a virtual NBA All-Star team relies on him to better their game and reach their full potential. A soft-spoken former lawyer, Ravin has become professional basketball’s hottest trainer.In The Hoops Whisperer, Ravin shares the fascinating story of how he transformed a passion for the game into working with iconic basketball stars such as Chris Paul, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Dwight Howard, and many more.  He offers a rare unguarded glimpse inside the lives of these great athletes, drawn from his intimate connection with them that is the basis of his success. Showcasing his unorthodox drills and improvisational techniques in action, Ravin reveals how faith, effort, dedication, and passion can make a player into a superstar—and anyone into a success. Combined with his own inspiring journey, Ravin’s insights make The Hoops Whisperer a must-read for anyone who loves the game.  Ver Descripción del producto

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