The Curse of Braeburn Castle: A Scottish Castle Murder Mystery (Heathcliff Lennox Book 3) por Karen Baugh Menuhin

February 25, 2020

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Titulo del libro: The Curse of Braeburn Castle: A Scottish Castle Murder Mystery (Heathcliff Lennox Book 3)
Autor: Karen Baugh Menuhin

Karen Baugh Menuhin con The Curse of Braeburn Castle: A Scottish Castle Murder Mystery (Heathcliff Lennox Book 3)

"A haunted castle, a murder mystery with a touch of humour and a dog of distinction."Book 3 in the Heathcliff Lennox series.Halloween 1921. A castle on a rock in a lonely Scottish loch, Braeburn has been crumbling for centuries. Someone tries to remedy the rot but uncovers a skeleton behind a wallIt wears a crown and hides a curse - is it the ancient King of the Isles? Or is it Black Dougal? Then the skull and crown disappears. As ghosts are heard and treasure seekers arrive, the Braeburn’s call Major Heathcliff Lennox. He travels to Scotland to help, taking his dog, his butler and his small cat. Major Heathcliff Lennox, ex-WW1 war pilot, 6 feet 3 inches, tousled, dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of Wuthering Heights by his romantically minded mother - much to his great annoyance.Amazon ReviewsJuliette Moody  Absolutely Fabulous 5 starsMajor Lennox, Mr Fogg and Mr Tubbs are a true blessing, and who cannot forget Greggs. I love this foursome. Once again Heathcliff solves the murders and mysteries in all 3 books so well written by Karen Baugh Menuhin. I devoured all 3 books staying up each night to finish them, now I can get some rest finally until the next adventure. You will be delighted, entranced and thrilled by Ms Menuhin’s writing. Julian Fellows beware, Karen is giving you a good bang for a buck. Jennifer N 5 StarWell written and enjoyable I don't generally write book reviews , but I really wanted to give them a shout out when I got the email from Amazon asking me if this book met my expectations.The characters are very enjoyable, right down to the pets. Heathcliff is such an unassuming fellow and it is very amusing how he stumbles into solving crimes. The settings of the three different books have each been different lovely places that have been enjoyable to visit in my imagination. The books are set in the 1920s and are quite "clean" if that is something you look for. The ladies chastise the men for using such foul language as "damn and blast" which maybe occurs twice per book, if that. All in all they are lovely, intriguing and amusing stories which I found "light" but very enjoyable reads and they are very well written in terms of plot, structure, dialog, character development... all in all well worth your time if you enjoy "cozy" mysteries. ENJOY!Dr. B 5 stars Wish there were more in this series The plots are good, the characters delightful but the “star” character is Major Heathcliff Lennox. Lennox does solve the crime of course but along the way, readers are treated to the wit of the author and to Lennox’ character. He spoils his dog with treats, rescues a kitten who often sleeps in his coat pocket, values his valet who has his own quirks, and is often admiring a beautiful woman when he was supposed to be paying attention to the police inspector. Such fun to read. Start with the first in the series to get to know these characters.Ann Elliot  Put a Candle in a Turnip, Munch Some Shortbread and Read Can a mystery be termed a "cozy" read if it takes place in a crumbling castle on a remote Scottish island with blizzards and hail storms? And the action happens around Samhain, the Scottish version of Halloween. Also, there is a skeleton in the wall, a seance, ghostly lights and a couple of ghastly murders.Ah, but in between the scenes of all that activity, there are the coziest moments when Lennox, our hero, dons his robe and sits in front of a roaring fire while he sips a dram of whiskey or has a cup of tea and tasty biscuits while his beloved spaniel, Mr. Fogg, and his pudgy kitten, Mr. Tubbs, curl up at his feet. The coziness of those scenes seeps off the page and onto the reader.Lennox even finds a lovely woman who is as attracted to him as he is to her.

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